Our Team

The Morrison family continue to head up the team at A. D. Rattray today. The company is led by Stanley W. Morrison, the Chairman, and his son Stanley A. Morrison, Director. Meet our whole team below.

The Morrison Family

  • Nick White

    Managing Director

    Through a blend of market knowledge, instinct and calculation, Nick thinks ahead and plans our future products. His role includes brokering the purchase of single casks from distilleries across Scotland and sourcing seasoned casks from around the world to fill with new make spirit. Regular samples from all our casks are sent to our Sample Room for Nick to nose and assess. He ensures the quality of our final whisky products live up to the reputation of the A. D. Rattray name.

  • Frances Dupuy

    Commercial Director

    Our whisky can be left to quietly mature in a cask for many years but when we decide it’s ready to bottle, timing really is everything. Frances coordinates the complex process of getting each whisky from the cask to the bottle, and packaged, ready for export. As the first point of contact for all export sales, she enjoys meeting distributors in our international markets and working with them to bring our products to our customers.

  • Caryn Inglis

    Marketing Manager

    Our whiskies may be beautiful, but if nobody knows about them, they’d sit there unpurchased and unloved, never to be enjoyed. The role of marketing is to connect our products with the customers who want them and ensure that the right people know about us. That’s why Caryn constantly dreams up new and creative ways to promote our whiskies and encourage customers to visit us at our Whisky Experience. She looks after our website, online shop and social media. So the next time you send us a message online, it will probably be Caryn you're talking to.

  • Morag Brotherton

    Office Supervisor

    After working with Mr S. W. Morrison for over 20 years, Morag knows just how to keep the cogs of the A. D. Rattray office turning.

  • Thomas Boyd

    Accounting and Administration Controller

    Tommy supports Nick, and oversees the administration of our cask stocks and accounts. He is often be found nosing whiskies in our sample room and keeping our cask information up-to-date. He regularly seeks out new flavours in food and drink, expanding his palate and providing inspiration for writing tasting notes.

  • Raphael Marinoni

    Retail Manager

    With impressive knowledge and a collection of entertaining anecdotes, Raphael has an infectious passion for Scotch whisky. Thanks to his background in hospitality, he ensures all visitors at our Whisky Experience enjoy a unique and memorable experience.

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