Mindfulness and Whisky Tasting

While we’re all having to stay home and stay safe right now, we are really missing sharing a whisky with our friends.

However, we have discovered that this enforced time away from our usual day-to-day has helped us to tune in and focus on enjoying our dram even more.

When you are new to drinking whisky you are often encouraged to follow a few simple steps on how to nose and taste. It can then become second nature to go through that process every time you try a new whisky. However when was the last time you did this for a dram you already know and love? Consciously tuned in, actively followed the steps, really took your time and wrote down some notes?  

When better than right now to be more mindful when enjoying your dram and be rewarded by the discovery of new layers of flavour. Click here to shop our Whisky Tasting Sets to enjoy at home...

Here is our 7 step guide on How to Sample Whisky.

How to Sample Whisky

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