Vintage Cask Collection

Our vintage cask collection series represents the very finest in our portfolio. The casks have been selected from some of Scotland's most respected distilleries and are bottled at vintages rarely found.

Since A D Rattray Ltd was founded in 1868 the company has specialised in the bottling and distribution of single malt Scotch whisky. Sometimes during the selection process for the standard A D Rattray Cask Collection range, exceptional casks come to light. These will be carefully managed and monitored over the years and bottled as part of our special Vintage range when they have reached their prime.

Each Vintage Cask Collection whisky has been passed through only a rough filter in order to remove any fragments of charred wood left behind by the cask. It has been bottled at cask strength with no additives so you can enjoy your whisky in its purest and most natural form.

50 Year Old Girvan Grain

Girvan Grain 1964

The first release in the collection is a 50 Year Old Girvan Grain, with 255 bottles having been produced at cask strength (46.8%).

Tasting Notes

Colour: Amber.
Nose: Deep and exquisite aromas of orange peel, dark chocolate truffles, Brazil nuts, nutmeg, rich honey and coconut.
Palate: Silky. Luscious vanilla, sweet oranges, banana bread, some liquorice and spicy notes.
Conclusion: Whisky from a bygone age, in an extraordinary fresh cask.

Release Note

The cask of 1964 Single Grain Whisky distilled at the Girvan Distillery recently ‚Äčreleased ‚Äčas the first of the Vintage Cask Collection range was marked #0002. Although the date of distillation is not in question there has been some confusion over the accuracy of the cask number. As a result we have re-labelled the product omitting this detail.